Welcome to Fossicking Places

This website is an attempt to bring together a range of different data types to allow fossickers of all types (coins, bottles, gold etc) to find new location to practice their favourite hobby

Please treat this this webiste as a work in progress and I am constantly looking for more datasets to include or better ways to display the existign data

Initally this map is Western Australian focused, purely becuase thats where I live :), but I hope to add other states' data as soon as I find some

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the site (please send all constructive critism to brucehearder@gmail.com). I'd love to hear waht you think!

How to use the map

The map works very similarly to Google Maps.
To move about the map (also called pannign)u use the mouse to left-click and drag to move about the map about,
To zoom in, either use the "+" or "-" buttons of use the scroll-wheel on your mouse to zoom in for more details

Initally the map shows points of interest ans black dots but as you zoom in further, the dots change into symbols representing differing features that can be seen in the legend box in the bottom left-hand corner of the map.

To find out more information about a feature, do a single left click on a feature and it's attribute data will be displayed in a box in to top-right hand side of the map.

Zoom in to see more information